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 L  i  n  k  s     t  o     O  t  h  e  r     W  o  r  l  d  C  o  n    B  l  a  s  t  e  r     I  n  f  o  r  m  a  t  i  o  n

In my opinion, the best web based resource on Blade Runner related props and all other issues relating to the movie.

  Information on all aspects of the original WorldCon Blaster (link)

  The WorldCon Blaster Builder's Blog (link)

  The Correct WorldCon Prop Blueing Shades (link)

  Karl T's WorldCon Blaster Prop Pictures (link)

  PROPSUMMIT - The Art of Blade Runner (link)


The Replica Prop Forum - For information on every aspect of movie props, information and clothing

The Replica Prop Forum (link)


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